Dalhousie Oceanography Equipment Pool

The following equipment is available to outside users, subject to prior commitments. The equipment may be loaned to outside users, at the users risk, and in consideration of the following user fees. Canadian Government and NSERC-sponsored research may qualify for a reduced user fee. The loans are subject to a number of conditions. Contact Walter Judge for further details.
* Note that the acoustic-radio current meter data transmission system is not operational at this time. If there is interest in using it, please contact us for details on the lead time to get it going.

In addition to the above, we also have various subsurface floatation packages, guard buoys, surface drifters, etc. In addition, we have access to some other instruments, various data logging systems for nearshore wave and sediment dynamics and a self contained suspended sediment profiler (RASTRAN). Our field staff are also available to support deployments of a variety of ocean instruments. Please contact Walter Judge (494-5195/494-3877 FAX) for further information.

Last Update 27 April 1995