Dalhousie University Physical Oceanography and Meteorological Seminar Series: part of the research and education programmes in our Department. Topics span the fields of Physical Oceanography and Meteorology. Talks are at a research level and the audience is quite interactive.

Seminars are presented Thursdays at 4:00 pm, in the 5th floor lounge of the Oceanography Building (LSC) at Dalhousie; if you're not sure where that is, see the Dalhousie Map, with a route marked in red, starting with a westward journey on South Street, followed by a right turn onto Oxford and then the first available right.

To volunteer to give a talk, contact:
Alex Hay [alex.hay@dal.ca] (902) 494-6657

See also: general seminars in Dalhousie Oceanography Department;
Ocean and Ecosystem Science Coffee Talks at Bedford Institute of Oceanography.

This seminar notice is http://www.phys.ocean.dal.ca/docs/seminars/pomss.html.