Physical Oceanography Alumni

Caroline Binder (M.Sc.) - - July 2017

Justine McMillan (Ph.D) - Turbulence Measurements in a High Reynolds Number Tidal Channel - June 2017

Matthew Hatcher (M.Sc.) - Ambient Noise from Turbidity Currents in Howe Sound - June 2017

Mathieu Dever (Ph.D.) - Dynamics of the Nova Scotia Current and Linkages with Atlantic Salmon Migration Patterns over the Scotian Shelf - March 2017

Anne Lombardi (M.Sc.) - Soundscape Characterization in Grand Passage, Nova Scotia, A Planned In-Stream Tidal Energy Site - December 2016

Shiliang Shan (Ph.D.) - Eulerian and Lagrangian Studies of Circulation on the Scotian Shelf and Adjacent Deep Waters of the North Atlantic with Biological Implications - August 2016

Anna Katavouta (Ph.D.) - Non-Linear coupling of Scales of Ocean Variability and Implications for Downscaling - October 2015

Erica C. Rogers (M.Sc.) - Modelling the Movement of Marine Particles in Discrete Time and Space with Application to Scotian Shelf Connectivity - August 2015

Nicholas Dourado (M.Sc.) - Sediment Laden Ice Detection using Broadband Acoustic Backscattering Measurements from Calibration Targets in Ice - 2015

Jorge R. Urrego-Blanco (Ph.D.) - Subtidal Circulation, Hydrography, Sea Ice and Associated Variability over the Eastern Canadian Shelf Using a Coupled Ocean-Ice Model - September 2014

Jenna Hare (M.Sc.) - Observations of the Space-Time Structure of Flow, Vorticity and Stress over Orbital-Scale Ripples - May 2013

Greg Trowse (M.Sc.) - On the Melt Rate of Submerged Sediment-Laden Ice - April 2013

Candace Smith (M.Sc.) - The vertical distribution of copepods in Bedford Basin and its relationship with physical variables with particular emphasis on small-scale turbulence - October 2012

Clark Richards (Ph.D.) - Energetics of Shoaling Internal Waves and Turbulence in the St. Lawrence Estuary - August 2012

Simon Higginson (Ph.D.) - Mapping and Understanding the Mean Surface Circulation of the North Atlantic: Insights from new Geodetic and Oceanographic Measurements - May 2012

Jean-Pierre Auclair (M.Sc.) - Implementation of the Two-Scale Approximation in an Operational Wave Model - November 2011

Eric Oliver (Ph.D.) - Local and Remote Forcing of the Ocean by the Madden-Julian Oscillation and its Predictability - August 2011

Shiliang Shan (M.Sc.) -Numerical Study of Three-dimensional Circulation and Hydrography in Halifax Harbour Using a Nested-grid Ocean Circulation Model (pdf) - December 2010

Kassiem Jacobs (M.Sc.) - Assimilation of lagrangian data into idealized models of the ocean mesoscale using ensemble-based methods (pdf) - August 2010.

Yuehua Lin (Ph.D.) - Circulation and associated variability in the intra-Americas sea: The role of loop current intrusion and Caribbean eddies (pdf) - August 2010.

Marie-Noel Matthews (M.Sc.) - Estimating Geoacoustic Parameters of Gassy Sediment Using Low-frequency Sound in St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia - December 2009.

Trajce Alcinov (M.Sc.) - Oblique Long Wavelength Ripples in Nearshore Sands - completed August 2009.

Doris Leong (M.Sc.) - Assessing the Isotropy of ocean Turbulence Using Broadband Acoustics - completed April 2009.

Matthew Corkum (M.Sc.) - High Resolution Wind Forecasting in Nova Scotia - completed August 2008.

Ramzi Mirshak (Ph.D.) - Interfacial Internal Waves Impacting Sloped Boundaries - completed July 2008.

Stephanie Moore (M.Sc.) - The Angular Dependence of Acoustic Scattering from Suspended Sediment - completed June 2008

Jennifer Mecking (M.Sc.) - The Sensitivity of the Barotropic Ocean Response to Tropical Cyclones Affecting Atlantic Canada - completed May 2008

Ryan Mulligan (Ph.D.) - Wave-Driven Circulation in Lunenburg Bay - completed May 2008

Irene Maier (M.Sc.) - Linear Transition Ripples in Nearshore Sands - completed April 2008

Li Zhai (Ph.D.) - Dynamic Response to Wind, Tide and Buoyancy Forcing in Lunenburg Bay of Nova Scotia - completed January 2008

Xiaoming Zhai (Ph.D.) - Propagation of the Near-inertial Energy and the Role of Eddies in the Ocean - completed September 2007

Richard Cheel (M.Sc.) - Cross Ripple Occurrence in Nearshore Sands - completed April 2007

Pierluigi Pantalone (M.Sc.) - Modeling Connectivity among Coral Reefs: Quantitative Predictions of Fish Larval Dispersal in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System - completed December 2006

Chris Fogarty (Ph.D.) Numerical modeling and analysis of hurricanes moving into the mid-latitudes - completed March 2006

Natacha Bernier (Ph.D.) Annual and Seasonal Extreme Sea Levels in the Northwest Atlantic: Hindcasts Over the Last 40 Years and Projections for the Next Century - completed December 2005

Jun Zhao (M.Sc.) A Numerical Study on the Uptake and Spreading of CFCs in the North Atlantic Ocean - completed May 2004

John Newgard (M.Sc.) Near-bed Turbulence and Flat Bed Wave Friction Factors in the Nearshore Zone - completed July 2004

Xiaoming Zhai (M.Sc.) Studying Storm-Induced Circulation on the Scotian Shelf and Slope Using a Two-Way Nested-Grid Model - completed February 2004

Jian Lu (Ph.D.) Northern Hemisphere Climate Change and Variability During the Last Half of the 20th Century - completed December 2003

Phillip MacAulay (Ph.D.) Nearshore Bottom Boundary Layer Responses to Complex Forcing - completed October 2003

Keath Borg (M.Sc.) Coherent Doppler Profiler Observations From a Ripple Migration Event at the Long Term Ecosystem Observatory LEO-15 - completed September 2002

Marjo Laurinolli (M.Sc.) Localisation of North Atlantic Right Whale (Eubalaena glacialis) Sounds Using Hydrophone Arrays in the Bay of Fundy - completed September 2002

Stephen Henderson (Ph.D.) Surf Beat Forcing and Dissipation - completed April 2002

Carolyn Smyth (Ph.D.) Coherent Doppler Profiler Measurements of Near-Bed Vertical Suspended Sediment Fluxes for Different Bedstates in the Nearshore Zone - completed July 2001

Mark Buehner (Ph.D.) Lagrangian Measurements and Low-Dimensional Models for Oceanographic and Atmospheric Data Assimilation - completed March 2000

Brian May (Ph.D.) Double-Diffusive Interleaving in Baroclinic Ocean Fronts - completed November 1999

Josko Bobanovic (Ph.D.) - Barotropic Circulation Variability on CanadianAtlantic Shelves - completed November 1997

Daniel Clark (M.Sc.) - Physical and Biological Sources and Sinks of Nitrate in the Canary Basin - completed April 1997

Michael Dowd (Ph.D.) Assimilation of Data into Limited-Area Coastal Models - completed January 1997

Karin Bryan (Ph.D.) Bar-Trapped Edge Waves - completed December 1996

Darryl Williams (M.Sc.) Influence of the wind on the motionof surface drifters: Application of a data assimilative model to the outer Scotian Shelf - completed September 1996

Zhigang Xu (Ph.D.) Wave- and Wind-Driven Flow on the Continental Shelf - completed May 1995

James Burke (M.Sc.) Analysis of Microstructure Data from the North Atlantic Tracer Release Experiment - completed August 1994

Marie-Claude Bourque (M.Sc) A Wind-Driven Upwelling System Analyzed with an Adjoint Model - completed July 1993

Peter Galbraith (Ph.D.) Relating Overturns to Mixing and Buoyancy Flux - completed August 1992

Amani Ngusaru (M.Sc.) Longshore Currents on a Multi-Barred Beach: Comparison of Measured Data with Model Results - completed February 1992

Yingshuo Shen (M.Sc.) Nonlinear Periodic Flow Over Isolated Topography: Eulerian and Lagrangian Perspectives - completed September 1992

Joseph Umoh (Ph.D.) Seasonal and Interannual Variability of Sea Temperature and Surface Heat Fluxes in the Northwest Atlantic - completed July 1992

Darek Bogucki (M.Sc.) Shear Induced Decay of Internal Solitary Waves - completed September 1991

Yanko Andrade (Ph.D.) Upwelling on the Scotian Shelf Inferred from Satellite and Coastal Measurements - completed August 1991

Lingqi Zhang (M.Sc.) Simple Models of Thermohaline Processes in the Ocean - completed August 1991

James Hamilton (M.Sc.) Exploring the Role of Salt Fingers in Vertical Mixing: Theory and Observation - completed March 1991

Peter Chandler (M.Sc.) The Statistics and Propogation of Wave Groups in Coastal Water - June 1990

Denis Gilbert (Ph.D.) Theory and Observations of Internal Wave Reflection off Sloping Topography - December 1990

Franklin Schwing (Ph.D.) Subinertial Circulation on the Scotian Shelf: Observations and Models - October 1989

David Brickman (Ph.D.) The Behavior & Stability of Coherent Vortices in External Flow Fields - December 1989

Rao Tatavarti (Ph.D.) The Reflection of Waves on Natural Beaches - June 1989

Anthony Isenor (M.Sc.) The Position & Sea Surface Temperature Characteristics of the Labrador Current in the Grand Banks Region - April 1989

Myriam Bormans (Ph.D.) A Model of the Exchange Through the Strait of Gibraltar - December 1988

John C.R. Doering (Ph.D.) Wave-Wave Interactions in the Nearshore - June 1988

David Hebert (Ph.D.) A Mediterranean Salt Lens - April 1988

John Haines (Ph.D.) An Investigation of Low Frequency Wave Motions: A Comparison of Barred and Planar Beaches - March 1988

Michel Mitchell (MSc) Physical Control of Chlorophyll-a in Bedford Basin - September 1987

Kenneth Drinkwater (PhD) The Response of an Open Stratified Bay to Wind Forcing - March 1987

Steven Todoroff (MSc) The Response of Labrador Shelf Waters to Local Meteorological Forcing - September 1987

Daniel Kelley (Ph.D.) Oceanic Thermohaline Staircase - January 1986

Sherman Waddell (PhD) Low Frequency Flow in the Arctic Archipelago - December 1985

Chang-Shik Kim (MSc) Field Observations of Wave Groups and Long Waves on Sloping Beaches... - August 1985

Bechara Toulany (MSc) The Structure & Dynamics of Flow Fluctuations in the Strait of Belle Isle - May 1985

Lung-fa Ku (PhD) The Computation of Tides from GEOS-3 Altimeter Data - November 1983

Michael Stacey (PhD) A Theoretical Study of Density & Turbidity Currents - December 1982

Graham Symonds (PhD) Long Waves on Beaches and the Dynamics of Surf Zone Forcing - September 1982

Barbara-Ann Juszko (MSc) The Strait of Belle Isle: Physical and Biological Implications of the Flow - June 1981

John Loder (PhD) Secondary Tidal Effects in Tidally Energetic Shallow Seas with Application to the Gulf of Maine - November 1980

Arthur Allen (MSc) Current Variability at the Offshore Edge of the Labrador Current - January 1980

Jerome Smith (PhD) Waves, Currents & Langmuir Circulation - September 1980

Robert Holman (PhD) Infragravity Waves on Beaches - October 1979

Edward Horne (PhD) The Dynamics of the Subsurface Front in the Slope Water off Nova Scotia - October 1978

Richard Birch (MSc) Flood Tide Intrusions and Their Effect on the Temperature Structure of Little Narrows Pond - July 1978

Gary Bugden (M.Sc.) Ice Movement and Modification in the Gulf of St. Lawrence - January 1977

Germaine Gatien (MSc) A Study in the Slope Water Region South of Halifax - December 1975

J.R. Keeley (MSc) Observed and Predicted Longshore Currents on Martinique Beach: A Comparison of Driving Terms - September 1975

Eric Sadler (PhD) The Flow of Water and Heat through Nares Strait, N.W.T. - August 1975

Kim-Tai Tee (PhD) Tide-Induced Residual Current in Minas Channel and Minas Basin - August 1975

Dario Stucchi (MSc) Seiches in the Northwest Arm of Halifax Harbour - January 1975

Brian Petrie (PhD) Surface & Internal Tides on the Scotian Shelf and Slopes - August 1974

Howard Freeland (PhD) The Splitting of the Gulf Stream (or The Effect of Topography on Ocean Currents) - May 1973

Allan Lee (PhD) The T-S structure, circulation and mixing in the Slope Water region east of the Scotian Shelf - September 1970

James Warner (PhD) Water movement on the Scotian Shelf - May 1970

David Krauel (MSc) A physical oceanographic study of the Margaree and Cheticamp River Estuaries - May 1969

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